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Benefits to operators

Though vehicle operators can subcontract their vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance, they cannot subcontract their responsibilities for vehicle roadworthiness. Choosing an IRTE accredited maintenance supplier allows operators to subcontract with confidence, and can help safeguard an operator’s licence by maintaining a high Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS).

Organisations with in-house maintenance provision can also benefit from accreditation in the development of their workshop standards, such as decreasing vehicle downtime and improving pass rates.

  • Readily available online resource of reliable maintenance suppliers in the IRTE Workshop Accreditation Register, allowing operators to see key workshop performance data, including test pass rates, RIDDOR stats and HSE notice information
  • Choosing an IRTE accredited maintenance supplier can help safeguard an operator’s licence
  • IRTE Workshop Accreditation confirms suppliers have correct facilities, technical expertise and welfare
  • Access to database reduces the time in finding suitable workshops
  • Improves credibility, demonstrating to customers a dedication to maintaining high standards.

"Operators can struggle to identify excellent maintenance contractors, and the IRTE standard will help them do just that."

Kevin Rooney, Traffic Commissioner for the North East